Web3 animation studio, Toonstar, is launching a new animated web series, “Space Junk,” that leverages non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for audience engagement and creative collaboration. The series features the vocal talents of Jon Heder, best known for his role in “Napoleon Dynamite.”

“Space Junk” is a workplace comedy set in space, portraying the lives of those responsible for clearing space debris. The concept, according to Dominic Russo, co-creator of “Workaholics” and the mind behind “Space Junk,” arose from reading about space hazards and envisioning a humorous take on these real-world issues. Russo shared his vision with Decrypt, challenging the typical portrayal of space in science fiction as sleek and glamorous, and instead focusing on the blue-collar workers maintaining it.

Russo’s unique concept attracted Heder, who appreciated the timely and innovative idea. Along with Heder, the series will feature the voice of Tony Cavalero, known for “The Righteous Gemstones” and “School of Rock.” Heder, a co-founder of the Web3 agency and studio Verified Labs, saw this as an exciting opportunity to contribute to a project that utilizes Web3 distribution techniques.

Similar to Toonstar’s earlier series “The Gimmicks,” a collaboration with Mila Kunis’ Sixth Wall studio, “Space Junk” will issue NFTs that allow viewers to vote on plot developments, interact with creators and fans, and craft their own character narratives. However, the series itself will be accessible to everyone for free, debuting on May 19. Toonstar plans to release biweekly episodes, each ranging from 10-14 minutes, totaling eight episodes for the season.

The NFTs for “Space Junk” will be minted on the Theta Network from May 15, each priced at $20. The details regarding the supply have not been disclosed yet. Toonstar CEO John Attanasio reassured that the functionality of “Space Junk” NFTs on Theta would be similar to that of “The Gimmicks.”

Furthermore, “Space Junk” plans to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into its narrative, with an AI wellness robot named Wellbecca voiced by an AI chatbot. This AI bot will also interact with “Space Junk” NFT holders, allowing them to co-create short stories. Attanasio suggested that using AI technology to voice an AI character aligns with recent efforts to match character and voice actor backgrounds.