Gmoney’s Web3-based fashion label, 9dcc, has announced a Treasure Hunt event during NFT NYC, following the brand’s launch of its latest collection, ITERATION-3. The immersive experience will take participants on a journey through New York City, discovering hidden gems and staples of NYC culture, all while earning prizes along the way. The event starts on April 12, and some of the exclusive prizes include collectible enamel pins designed by New York-based multidisciplinary artist Julius Margulies, also known as Snuffy, along with a chance to win a tattoo from the artist.

In addition, ITERATION-03 caps will be awarded to participants who complete the hunt first. The baseball caps feature the brand logo in polished silver, a monochromatic ‘IT-03’ embroidery on the brim, a 9dcc engraved adjustable buckle, and the integration of Networked Product technology for various use cases like the recent Word Guess game. The caps come in four different colors, including Black, Hunter, Fuchsia, and Mauve. Released in late March, only 1600 pieces are available, and colors are being distributed randomly, making them a highly sought-after item for fans of the brand.

Participants who check-in to the iconic New York City locations personally chosen by gmoney will be eligible to receive exclusive POAPs along with the enamel pins by Snuffy while supplies last. The grand prize of the hunt is an unminted Chromie Squiggle by artist and Art Blocks founder Snowfro.

The Treasure Hunt will start on April 12, at a secret bodega, combining fashion, gamification, and technology into an immersive experience. Interested parties can claim a free ticket to the event via the 9dcc website in partnership with tokenproof.