After an extensive development period, entrepreneur Danny Postma has announced the official launch of his AI startup, Deep Agency. Deep Agency is a photo studio and modeling agency that is completely AI-powered, relying on the latest text-to-image models for photo generation. The founder recently shared on Twitter that the platform does not use any cameras, real people, or physical locations.

Deep Agency offers users the ability to generate digital models, as well as upload photos of themselves to create digital clones that can be displayed as models in various settings. The modeling process involves selecting a model and pose, and providing a description of the desired scene. The AI then generates the image, similar to how art can be created using programs such as Midjourney or DALL-E.

For those interested in digitizing themselves, the platform requires 20 selfies, which will be used to render a virtual twin in approximately 30 minutes. The digital twin can be used in the same way as the available models, and can be useful for social media content, e-commerce product photography, and more.

While Deep Agency is still in beta, Postma has offered a limited launch discount and free trial access for all that includes up to 20 photo generations. Although there are still limits to what AI can do, Deep Agency demonstrates the technology’s potential to disrupt entire markets, including creative ones, by making what is usually a costly process accessible to the average person or brand.

AI models also open up opportunities for increased inclusion and representation, as seen in AI artist Malik Afegbua’s Fashion Show For the Seniors. The show featured a variety of subjects, scenes, and outfits, all generated by AI, with many viewers mistaking the images for a real-life fashion show.