Since its inception, the world of Web3 has primarily thrived through digital interactions, fostering a vast community of forward-thinking innovators behind millions of computer screens. Now, this dynamic digital space is set to gain its very own high-end physical destination for networking, idea-sharing, and casual leisure – CLUB 3. This revolutionary location is poised to reshape the Web3 landscape by providing a dedicated space for its proponents to unwind and connect.

Slated for a 2023 launch on L.A.’s Sunset Boulevard, the first CLUB 3 will boast a 10,000 square-foot facility, complete with hospitality features such as dining areas, bars, a cocktail lounge, a rooftop restaurant, and karaoke rooms. This lavish club will also host industry events, community meetups, talks, seminars, Q&A sessions, and other in-person and virtual experiences. Embracing the Web3 ethos, CLUB 3 will enable community voting on its operational aspects.

CLUB 3 is the creative vision of Meta Hollywood, a joint venture between Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood. Following the successful launch of the L.A. location, the club plans to expand to global hotspots, including New York, Miami, London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

To become a CLUB 3 member, individuals must purchase an NFT membership during the mint scheduled for this summer. The NFTs will be available in four categories: founding, social, global, and corporate. Each category offers unique perks and varying price points. For instance, a social membership costs approximately $3,000 or 1.57 ETH, while a founding membership is priced at around $10,000 or 5.14 ETH. Those interested in corporate membership must liaise with the club’s concierge service. A separate global upgrade, costing $2,000 or 1.05 ETH, is also available for purchase. All memberships are mintable NFTs, which should be considered when evaluating the options.

Yat Siu, co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, highlights the goals of CLUB 3, stating that it “will foster and galvanize the broader Web3 community and serve as a launchpad for those wanting to learn more about this new world.” He further emphasizes the unique opportunities CLUB 3 offers, adding, “Members will interact within the club’s numerous facility perks and experience what Meta Hollywood can offer. With this project, communities across the Animoca Brands ecosystem will have access to new possibilities.