On March 8th, Sotheby’s and UnicornDAO jointly launched the “MY BODY, MY BUSINESS” auction in celebration of International Women’s Day. The aim of this auction is to celebrate women artists and promote sexual and reproductive health and rights organizations, including the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Latashá, an artist member of UnicornDAO, had the opportunity to work closely with Nadya from Pussy Riot, who was highly invested and encouraging of her work in web3. Latashá’s latest music video, “START HERE,” is currently available for auction on Sotheby’s after being asked to participate by Nadya.

Latashá and the community expressed their excitement around the auction and what this means for the music space in web3. The auction of Latashá’s latest music video is just the beginning of Sotheby’s efforts to commemorate hip-hop culture and visuals in the digital space and through NFTs.

Latashá’s work is known for being unique and iconic with a strong fan base that continues to grow. Her inspiration for her work comes from where her spirit is, and she has been playing with the idea of transforming her look a lot, allowing her to open up in ways she doesn’t think she has when outside of these spirits of herself.

As a successful musician and artist in the web3 decentralized world, Latashá is a prime example of representing self-sovereignty and independence by being part of the evolution and revolution of the current traditional web2 industry route. As a leader with a dedicated fan base, her impact in this space is widely recognized.

Latashá believes that the music industry has seen significant shifts due to the emergence of web3 technology, and she hopes that the web3 space will put real value back into music and all it brings and does for its people. She believes that this space can change the label system and move us into a creator economy.

If an aspiring hip-hop artist or musician in this space were to seek Latashá’s advice or counsel, she would tell them not to be afraid. She would encourage them to embrace everything and then create their boundaries and parameters so that all of this doesn’t overtake them and they can remain true to themselves. She would also advise them to challenge themselves in new ways and not to let their fears hold them back.