Google Cloud has unveiled an expansion of its existing Startups Program, with an additional focus on Web3-specific initiatives. The objective of this extended support is to equip Web3 developers with the necessary tools, community, and resources, freeing them to concentrate on innovative developments rather than on infrastructure. This is particularly pertinent to the creation of decentralized applications, Web3 tools, services, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and beyond.

The enhanced service allows tech-based projects to enroll in the program, availing themselves of the Web3-focused advantages. These newly introduced benefits include access to Google Cloud credits, technical and collaborative assistance, immersive learning labs and courses, exclusive Discord channels featuring Google Cloud’s Web3 product and engineering teams, VIP entry to Google Cloud Web3 community events, special grants from foundational partners, and discounted rates on various company products.

The Google Cloud startup program pledges up to $200,000 over a two-year span in Google Cloud credits. These can be utilized by startups to develop their decentralized applications, protocols, or other services securely and swiftly. Subscribers to the service will also gain access to top-tier Customer Care Enhanced Support, Google Cloud Startup Customer Engineers, and a dedicated Startup Success Manager to expedite the onboarding process.

Additional Perks of Google Cloud’s Web3 Program

Beyond these core benefits, the program also grants access to a substantial investment pool of up to $3 million via the Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund. Other incentives include priority review from the Ventures Team and complete access to all Polygon Venture benefits and more.

Moreover, participants can avail themselves of product discounts from various companies such as Nansen, Alchemy, and ThirdWeb. The program is designed to ensure Web3 startups and burgeoning projects have access to the resources and community support they require.

Google Cloud is steadfast in its commitment to assist Web3 founders and developers in maintaining a fast-paced development process, without accumulating technical debt that could hinder progress. The program’s ultimate goal is to empower Web3 builders to concentrate on crucial elements, specifically innovation and speed to market.