Truth Labs, the renowned creator of the Goblintown NFT collection, is set to launch “Goblintown Season 2.” In a unique twist, underperforming traders will be granted priority access to the mint. The upcoming NFT collection features Big Inc, a fictional Goblintown conglomerate that manipulates animals into joining its workforce. The digital assets portray profile pictures (PFPs) of the characters, each displaying a serious expression.

While the official mint date and time for Goblintown Season 2 are yet to be announced, it is known that the top 1,000 underperforming traders will be given a 24-hour window to mint one of the new digital assets free of charge. This initiative aims to celebrate community and culture in Web3 during both prosperous and challenging times. Additionally, holders of other NFT collections by Truth Labs, such as Goblintown, Grumpl, and Illuminati, will enjoy exclusive access to the Big Inc mint at no cost.

Mint Process – Key Aspects

To determine priority access, Truth Labs will assess participants’ wallet data and NFT transactions, with “Down Bad Board” traders receiving priority. Goblintown also plans to capitalize on the burgeoning popularity of meme coin PEPE, which has experienced a 2,100% price increase this month alone, contributing to its impressive $500 million market cap. By accepting PEPE as payment, Goblintown aims to enhance its token utility.

Mint participants can purchase a Season 2 collectible for 0.096 Ether (ETH), equivalent to approximately $175 at the time of writing. However, those opting to pay with PEPE will be granted a 50% discount, reducing the NFT price to 0.048 ETH (around $88).

The inaugural Goblintown NFT mint in May 2022 generated $7 million in sales. With its innovative approach to Season 2, the Goblin-themed collection is poised to make a significant impact in the NFT space once again.