Spells of Genesis, an innovative mobile game that pioneered tokenizing cards and developing a blockchain-based gaming platform, has launched a new ChainChronicles subscription series. This groundbreaking series pays tribute to the very first NFTs created for a mobile game and celebrates significant milestones in blockchain history. Developed by EverdreamSoft, Spells of Genesis combines the elements of a trading card game and point-and-shoot arcade gameplay. Players must collect and combine cards to create the strongest deck to fight their enemies. Many of these cards are now highly coveted as some of the first-ever NFT representations on-chain.

The new ChainChronicles subscription service offers subscribers the opportunity to receive new SoG cards each month, each representing a notable blockchain event. By subscribing, collectors will have the only chance to own these new cards and complete the entire collection. Additionally, members of the ChainChronicles series will receive exclusive artwork specifically designed for the subscription, vintage NFTs from different collections, and in-game benefits for SoG.

The ChainChronicles subscription is available in three tiers: the Essential Pack, the Curator Pack, and the OG Pack. The Essential Pack qualifies subscribers to one playable monthly card representing a significant event in blockchain history, a random legendary card, and a stunning piece of Spells of Genesis artwork. The Curator Pack offers three blockchain event cards, artwork, and a rare vintage NFT minted in the game’s first 2 years. Meanwhile, the OG Pack includes ten exclusive blockchain cards coupled with unique artworks, a legendary card, a rare vintage NFT worth over $150 (2015-2017), and a coveted vintage card from the Spells of Genesis collection with a market value over $500.

The ChainChronicles series promises to provide collectors with a monthly delivery of digital art and vintage cards produced by some of the most creative NFT artists in the industry. EverdreamSoft, the company behind Spells of Genesis, is offering a 20% EarlyBird Discount (EARLYCC) to those who sign up in April, enabling them to pre-order the first monthly package set to be delivered in May.

By launching the ChainChronicles series, Spells of Genesis has marked a significant milestone in the NFT ecosystem. The series builds on the success of the game and brings a new level of excitement to it. By commemorating significant events in blockchain history, the series also educates and informs players and collectors about the evolution of blockchain technology and its impact on various industries.

Overall, the ChainChronicles series is an exciting development for the Spells of Genesis game and the broader NFT ecosystem. The series promises to be a hit among collectors and players with its unique artwork, vintage cards, and in-game benefits. Moreover, it highlights the continued innovation and evolution of the NFT space and the potential for blockchain-based games and collectibles to transform various industries.