Applied Primate, a decentralized gaming ecosystem, has announced that Richard Garfield, a gaming industry legend, will join their team as an advisor for its upcoming MegaForce game. Fragment Studios, the digital storytelling pioneer behind Applied Primate, hopes to leverage Garfield’s expertise to enhance the game’s development and bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Garfield is best known for his successful game Magic: The Gathering, which is known for its level of detail and tactical planning. The partnership between Garfield and Fragment Studios aims to bring a similar level of excellence to Applied Primate, which is rich in lore and storytelling.

As an advisory member, Garfield and his consultancy firm Three Donkeys will work with Fragment Studios to guide the game through its development phase. The aim is to incorporate elements of traditional in-real-life (IRL) and online gaming, as well as blockchain technology, to create an entirely new gaming ecosystem.

Applied Primate is an ideal platform for Garfield and his consultancy team. With its unique approach to storytelling and immersive gaming experiences, the game is set to take NFTs to the next level. In fact, Applied Primate has already incorporated NFT collections into its platform that back up the game with additional lore, characters, and immersive storytelling.

The latest NFT collection, called ‘The Sentinels,’ consists of 10,000 robot-themed avatars that will debut on the Ethereum blockchain. Minting is occurring in three stages, with holders of Allegiance Cards and Keycards minting first, followed by holders of partner collections on April 7, then owners of BAYC related NFTs on April 9. However, qualification for each mint stage is based on a snapshot of wallets taken at 11:30am EST on April 3.

Fragment Studios’ founder, PTM, expressed excitement about working with Garfield and his team to develop a game that explores the capabilities of blockchain technology in delivering a unique gaming experience. Fragment Studios has drawn in thousands of participants with its complex world-building and storytelling, incorporating quests and challenges that enable players to actively shape an evolving narrative.

Garfield’s advisory position for Fragment Studios, and the development of the MegaForce game, signal the beginning of an exciting new chapter in blockchain gaming. The partnership between Garfield and Fragment Studios will bring together traditional gaming elements with the latest advancements in NFT and blockchain technology. The resulting gaming experience will be a unique and groundbreaking adventure for both traditional and NFT gamers alike.

Fragment Studios’ continuous efforts to create a community-driven, decentralized entertainment platform that uses blockchain technology to enhance ownership, governance, and persistence in in-game worlds, has led to this latest phase in their development. The game explores the origins of the MegaForce Sentinels, providing a thrilling adventure for both the characters and their owners.

Overall, the collaboration between Garfield and Fragment Studios is a significant milestone for the company as it shifts from isolated online and real-life gaming elements to an all-encompassing gaming ecosystem. With Garfield’s expertise and innovative approach, the Applied Primate MegaForce game is poised to take the gaming industry to new heights.