HyperPlay, a new Web3 gaming launcher, has officially launched, offering users a game launcher that also serves as a store aggregator with access to the Epic Games and Good Old Games stores within its interface. The tool is designed to solve the distribution problem and free game developers from the risk of deplatforming by major app stores like Apple, Google, and Steam. Developed by a former MetaMask operations lead in collaboration with Game7, a Web3 gaming DAO, HyperPlay is now available on all major platforms and optimized for MetaMask users.

According to the app’s pseudonymous creator, JacobC.eth, HyperPlay is not taking a 30% cut of developers’ in-game economy like the Apple Store. Instead, the tool generates its revenue by offering “convenience features” that are offered within the app, similar to how MetaMask generates its revenue. The game launcher will provide users with access to many games, including Web3 titles like DeFi Kingdoms, The Bornless, Voxie Tactics, Undead Block, and non-crypto games.

HyperPlay is optimized for MetaMask but also works well with WalletConnect, and according to Jacob, the launcher “paints” a MetaMask layer in-game on top of the gameplay experience, preventing users from having to minimize their game or switch windows to complete transactions. The app is designed with a focus on security to protect gamers from being exposed to compromised files, as the keys are separated from the game. If one of its vetted games happens to be compromised, users can rest assured that they will be protected. HyperPlay is available for Windows, Mac, Steam Deck, and Linux users.