The Galactix Zone sdNFT Project is emerging as a new story in the virtual cosmos, where the realms of high-technology, science-fiction and gaming collide. The project is leveraging an innovative all-powerful class of NFT to penetrate the P2E market. The Galactix Zone team comprises a group of enthusiastic and passionate developers who aim to usher in a new era of interconnected Web3 experiences. At the core of the project is the launch of an sdNFT powered gaming ecosystem that takes token holders on a wild ride through a vibrant digital environment.

The project incorporates a range of coordinated gaming options, a social media element, an in-built rewards program, and project launchpad. Furthermore, Galactix Zone is powering its own in-built economy by launching the native $GXZ utility token, a self-developed cryptocurrency that will form the backbone of its rewards and trading structure, which is open for whitelist allocation until April 10.

Phae Ram, co-founder of Galactix Zone, stated that “Our range of utilities and future projects is designed to provide our members with the tools they need to succeed in the blockchain game and NFT space.”

Galactix Zone is introducing a new class of collectible – the Synergistic Dynamic NFT (sdNFT), which is a patent-pending invention. This sdNFT provides several advantages over static NFTs and their more versatile dynamic counterparts. The sdNFTs provide players with out-of-the-box cross-chain compatibility, enabling characters to evolve naturally through gameplay, opening up the possibility of merging characters and their traits, and acting as collateral for loans on the platform.

The project is the brainchild of long-time friends and collaborators, John Nguyen and Phae Ram, who were spurred on by the influx of half-baked projects in the Web3 space. To guarantee a top-quality and wholly trustable gaming ecosystem for its customers, Galactix Zone is audited by Certik and is KYC-compliant.

The Galactic Zone team is developing several future projects, such as “the Galactix Zone sdNFT game, ecosystem, and cross-chain platform; a social media-centric blockchain platform designed for social media applications; and a verified, influencer-led Web 3.0 platform that is protected against bots,” according to a press release. The Galactix Zone sdNFT Project is built from the ground up with the goal of delivering the ultimate blockchain gaming experience to users.