HyperPlay, a Web3 gaming launcher, has launched via early access, offering gamers a new way to access and play games while offering developers a way to bypass the risk of deplatforming from major app stores. The app is available on all major platforms, with optimization for MetaMask users. The product was co-developed by Game7, a Web3 gaming DAO, and JacobC.eth, a former MetaMask operations lead who prefers to be referred to by his first name or .eth handle for privacy reasons.

HyperPlay is designed to address the distribution problem for game developers and free them from the risks associated with monopolies such as Apple, Google, and Steam. Unlike Apple, the app does not take a 30% cut of developers’ in-game economies, but generates revenue through offering “convenience features” within the app, similar to MetaMask.

At launch, HyperPlay will offer numerous games, including both non-crypto games and Web3 titles such as Undead Blocks, DeFi Kingdoms, The Sandbox, Voxie Tactics, and The Bornless. It also works with over 40 different crypto wallet providers through WalletConnect. HyperPlay is also a game store aggregator, offering the Epic Games and Good Old Games stores within its interface.

HyperPlay’s launcher integrates with MetaMask, painting a MetaMask layer in-game on top of the gameplay experience so that users don’t have to minimize their game or switch windows to complete transactions. HyperPlay’s approach to security separates the keys from the game, protecting users even if one of its vetted games is compromised. MetaMask mobile users will receive popups for transactions on their phones, while browser extension users will be automatically detected.

HyperPlay’s security and malware review process examines and vets each game submitted to its launcher for consideration, a process that takes about a week. The platform is developing its own sandboxes that will isolate each submitted game and restrict any undesired permissions or elements that could present a potential user security risk.

Beyond offering a new way to play games and provide security for gamers, Jacob sees HyperPlay’s launch as an important step towards broader crypto mass adoption. By using gaming as a bridge to introduce people to the decentralized web, HyperPlay has the potential to connect people in places where they have historically been locked out of the financial system, such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Nigeria, Colombia, and Brazil.