The Tezos blockchain has recently hosted an exclusive art collection of digital masterpieces by the late artist Lee Mullican, thanks to Feral File, an innovative Tezos-based NFT art platform. Lee Mullican, a pioneer in the early days of computer-created art, created numerous masterpieces experimenting with computer-based art.

His digital artworks were recently tokenized and released as NFTs by Feral File, called LeeMullican.PCX, featuring 12 digital pieces created in 1987 using tools such as an IBM 5170 computer and a paintbrush app. Feral File minted the artwork on the Tezos network and included an original PCX file as well as a scan of the 35mm photo slide that displays each artwork on the artist’s computer screen. Mullican’s estate collaborated with Feral File to control the collection. The collection was offered to the public in a bundle of 20 editions for $2,400 per bundle, and any unsold pieces were made available for purchase at $200 each. However, those who missed out can still acquire these pieces on secondary marketplaces like objkt, where the floor price currently sits at 700 $XTZ.