Metahero’s origin traces back to Codewise, a software firm based in Krakow that attained the status of Europe’s second-fastest-growing tech firm in recent years. Codewise was acquired by CentralNic Group PLC in 2020, which pledged to advance the Metaverse concept through a newly developed platform named Metahero, thus marking the beginning of Metahero’s journey.

The Metahero Platform Explained

Metahero is an innovative decentralized platform that enables users to fashion their own highly realistic 3D avatars and virtual items, which can be integrated across multiple domains such as games, social media, virtual reality, and online fashion using a specialized 3D scanning technology called Metascanning.

What sets this project apart is that it provides an opportunity for anyone to create their own digital assets, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience with blockchain or cryptocurrency. Metascanning is facilitated by Metahero’s partnership with Wolf Digital World (WDW), which happens to be one of the world’s largest 3D scanning companies.

How the Metahero Platform Functions

At the core of Metahero’s technology lies 3D scanning, a method that assesses a physical object to capture its image data and digitally reproduce it. To access powerful 3D scanning technology, the company has joined forces with WDW, whose technology is utilized in industries such as gaming, music, and fashion.

This technology serves as a physical gateway to the Metaverse’s digital realm. To use the online scanner and enter one of Metahero’s ultra-high-definition meta-scanning chambers, one must have the Metahero app and a specific quantity of HERO tokens.

Notably, Metahero is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project developed on the Binance smart contract-enabled platform for decentralized app (dApp) development. It utilizes 3D scanning and non-fungible token (NFT) smart contracts to create custom meta-avatars and meta-items.

Users can employ their avatars in games or other applications via the firm’s upcoming NFT marketplace, originally slated to launch in Q4 of 2021 but postponed until Q1 of 2022. Through the marketplace and its tools, users may monetize their avatars or earn extra revenue by creating NFTs.

Metahero empowers its users to convert nearly anything into a hyper-realistic NFT. Moreover, creating digital replicas of real-world objects is only one of the platform’s features. The platform can instantly monetize every Metahero NFT and store it on the blockchain in an immutable manner.

The platform also creates a token-based ecosystem and marketplace to offer businesses and innovators access to contract-based digital opportunities.

Metahero’s Main Features Metahero platform boasts several noteworthy features, including:

  • The ability to capture assets or users in ultra-high quality and present them in the virtual world.
  • An ultra-high definition (UHD) meta-scanning chamber consisting of 16 mobile columns equipped with a four-camera server section to capture images in complete synchronization.
  • The first 12 meta-scanning chambers are planned to be deployed in heavily populated regions across the globe, with the initial installation taking place in Doha, Qatar.
  • The tokens employ a cutting-edge deflationary approach to decrease the total supply without affecting its value. They also allow for trading in paid royalties, the Metahero NFT marketplace, and funding scans.

Metahero Coin

Metahero has introduced a utility token called the $HERO, which grants its holders access to the Metahero ecosystem. The $HERO token has a unique deflationary mechanism that decreases the total supply over time, enabling holders to trade on the Metahero NFT marketplace, pay royalties, and finance their own scans.

In June 2021, Tenset Gems Platform hosted a HERO public sale, followed by a public presale by the company in July 2021, and an initial dex offering (IDO) on PancakeSwap with restrictions to discourage token dumping.

Users can earn passive rewards by staking their $HERO tokens. When the total equity on PancakeSwap reaches $10 million USD (€8.8 million/£7.4 million), it activates the repurchase and burn plan.

The HERO token was designed with inclusion and scalability in mind, according to the creators. Some of the coin’s primary functions include:

    • Automatic liquidity: On PancakeSwap, 0 to 6 percent of each transaction contributes immediately to liquidity.
    • Burn and buyback: HERO tokens are burned, and Binance coin (BNB) is utilized to buy back and burn additional HERO tokens.
    • Smart stake: 0 to 2 percent of each transaction is divided equally among all holders as a passive incentive. The $HERO token can be bought, transferred, and sold without any fees.

The Roadmap

The Metahero project has been striving to bring value, develop new products, and execute marketing strategies since its launch in July 2021. In the fourth quarter of the same year, their primary goal was to launch the Metascanner at the Facebook Summit, and they also worked on enhancing their website, enlarging their team, and expanding their global community.

In Q1 2022, the team aimed to achieve several milestones, such as partnerships for game and studio development, developing a 3D NFT marketplace, collaborating with artists and influencers, and onboarding strategic investors, among other things. However, the team managed to complete some of these goals ahead of schedule, including attending blockchain meetups and sponsoring an event, increasing global presence and awareness, and incorporating multi-language support.

The team will continue to provide updates to the community and plans to set up the first public Metahero chamber in 2022.


In the Metaverse, there is already a high demand for unique digital assets, such as virtual items, personal avatars, and digital art. Metahero is a project that aims to facilitate the digitization of personal belongings and the creation of digital representations of people. It is expected to become one of the most widely used and valuable tokens in this domain.

To participate in the Metahero ecosystem, users need the HERO token, which enables them to access the Metahero marketplace, pay royalties, and fund scans. By using its mobile scanning columns and conducting ultra-high-quality scans, Metahero intends to introduce a new level of realism to the virtual world.