Resolution Games is a Swedish VR studio known for its innovative approach to virtual reality gaming. The company has a strong passion for experimentation and has developed several VR sports games, such as Ultimechs and Racket Club, that offer unique gameplay mechanics. In addition to these sports games, the studio is also known for exploring the possibilities of mixed reality gaming.

Their most well-known mixed reality game is Demeo. This dungeon crawler, with a classic pen & paper style, has received a mixed reality mode in one of its updates. The game allows players to place the playing field on a physical surface, such as a table, and interact with the pieces using hand gestures.

Now, Resolution Games is taking immersion to the next level with the addition of hand-tracking support. In a recent video demo shared on Twitter, the company showed off the new hand-tracking feature, which allows players to control the game using hand gestures instead of controllers. The video demonstrates how the floating deck of cards appears when the player’s hand is facing the camera, and how the fingers can be used to pick up cards and roll dice on the playing field.

The hand-tracking feature is currently in development and has not yet been announced for a specific update release date. However, it’s already available for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. The team at Resolution Games will likely face some challenges in implementing this key mechanic, as players will need to physically move around the game board instead of using controllers to move through the dungeons.

Despite these challenges, the company is optimistic about the future of hand-tracking in mixed reality gaming. Over the past few years, Meta has greatly improved the Quest 2’s hand-tracking, and other companies, such as Ndreams, have demonstrated the potential of hand control in contemplative building games. With Resolution Games’ dedication to experimentation and innovation, it’s likely that hand-tracking in Demeo will be a game-changer in the mixed reality gaming world.