Dubai Mall, one of the most iconic shopping districts in the world, has become the new home of a revolutionary Phygital NFT store. The store, which brings together both physical and digital consumer experiences, has been making waves since its launch by Fastex, one of the fastest-growing Web3 ecosystems, on March 16.

Following the successful launch of Fastex’s first real-world NFT store at the Mall of the Emirates, one of Dubai’s most popular malls, the company announced the opening of the physical ftNFT shop in the Dubai Mall, which is the largest shopping mall globally. The cozy atmosphere of the ftNFT store transforms the process of purchasing an NFT into a social experience in the real world for customers.

The ftNFT store is a one-of-a-kind physical NFT shop, and its visitors can enjoy a guided tour across the vast library of NFTs available in the ftNFT marketplace and take home their favorite digital art piece. The store also features in-store activities such as a DJ cabin, a 3D-scanner-supported “avatar booth,” and the accompanying physical pendants of digital NFT collections, which all elevate the shopping experience to a direct interaction with the digital world.

The ftNFT shop is also an excellent platform for artists to add their NFTs to the ftNFT marketplace. For those who want to create their first NFT, the in-store 3D NFT scanner provides a quick way to create a digital counterpart of any physical appearance.

The grand opening of the ftNFT store in Dubai Mall was a success, with many people showing interest in the NFT space. Some guests even purchased NFTs during the event, which included a range of activities designed to engage visitors in the experience fully.

Ahmad, one of the guests who bought an NFT, expressed his excitement about being able to browse and buy NFTs through a kiosk machine, saying “Seeing these artworks and buying them as NFTs is very fun. It is also very convenient because all I had to do was to tap my credit card to make a purchase.” Another visitor was delighted with the convenience of NFT discovery via a kiosk and the easy payment options, adding that going to the mall gave them a much richer experience.


Farah Merhy and Fadi Arab, the partners of ftNFT, were thrilled to have participated in the launch. They created several physical items for the store based on NFTs, including a watch with an Arabic design that will be available for anyone who buys the NFT associated with it. Arab shared that the story behind the watch was based on the story of King Solomon’s ring, which was believed to control both heaven and earth. The team took the story as inspiration and turned it into a beautiful piece of design, created to honor Arabic culture and connect history with the future.

The ftNFT team is currently working on other collaborations with artists, influencers, businesses, and producers to showcase and sell their art. Armenian painter Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, based in New York City, who has already sold two paintings worth over $60,000 through ftNFT, will be the next artist to participate in this type of partnership.

In conclusion, the launch of the ftNFT store in Dubai Mall is a significant step towards bringing the world of digital art and NFTs to the heart of Dubai. The store’s innovative blend of physical and digital experiences, along with the in-store activities and the cozy atmosphere, has already made an impression on a broad audience, from art collectors to NFT enthusiasts to shoppers unfamiliar with Web3.