DRx is a global streetwear brand that seeks to revolutionize the traditional model of digital and physical custom-made clothing. DRx is built upon the pillars of art, subversion, science, community, and sport, with a primary focus on positioning its DRx and Walker World holders front-and-center, allowing them to create their own store front of customized DRx merchandise. Unlike other streetwear brands, DRx does not post its collections in its online store but instead, moves all the action to the secondary market. The DRx co-founder and artist, Arlo Eisenberg, believes that this is one of the ways to deliver value to holders. DRx is the first streetwear brand that integrates mind-altering apparel with augmented reality, Web3, and IRL fashion.

The now sold-out 10,000 NFT collection consists of programmatically generated avatars built around four base characters, Cap, Rex, Syrin, and Tabbi. The Kill Team “Stabbi” Capsule Collection, DRx’s newest collection with its partner, Walker World, includes limited-edition digital wearables and physical claims such as a Kill Team DRx hoodie, t-shirt, and baseball hat, all with AR-based features. DRx is effectively turning OpenSea into Amazon with a new mechanism that enables it to become more than just an NFT marketplace but a place for both digital assets and physical products. With the pre-sale or mint process, DRx has a scalable and predictable revenue model that reduces the need to hold stock or waste revenue on unnecessary products. At the end of the day, DRx wants to re-invest in its earliest holders, hoping that they are motivated to find buyers and introduce them to the brand since they receive direct value from being in control of the product supply.