DRx, an augmented reality (AR) powered fashion brand and partner of the Futureverse ecosystem, has teamed up with Web3 third-person shooter and adventure game Walker World to launch its latest collection. The new range features full-body, game-rigged 3D avatars that are designed for interoperable gameplay in the ecosystem’s open metaverse. Dubbed “Kill Team Stabbi”, the new capsule collection includes both digital wearables and physical claims and will be available in limited quantities.

DRx’s objective is to combine “mind-altering apparel” with augmented reality in Web3 and real life. The ecosystem’s main NFT collection, Drug Receipts, comprises 10,000 unique programmatically generated avatars built around four base characters: Cap, Rex, Syrin, and Tabbi. The storytelling approach is used to bring collectors closer to these misfit characters.

Physical merchandise in the upcoming DRx capsule collection will feature a Kill Team DRx hoodie, t-shirt, and baseball hat made from custom-dyed and printed fabrics, all with augmented reality features. The collection will also include a Kill Team onesie with embroidered patchwork inspired by the empowered and dynamic Walker World Females collection of characters.

On March 2, interested collectors will have 24 hours to mint the Kill Team Stabbi Capsule Collection. The collection comprises 675 Purple Capsules and 75 Rare Stabbi Pattern Capsules. Each minted capsule will include interoperable digital wearables of the t-shirt, hat, and hoodie, as well as a DRx prescription to claim a physical apparel version of each item. Holders will be able to fill the prescription online at the “drug store,” with one in ten holders receiving the coveted Kill Team onesie.

In addition to its branded drops, DRx is also offering collectors unique creation experiences through personalization. Its aim is to combine streetwear culture and the Web3 community to create exclusive and collectible apparel. The brand plans to achieve this through continued partnerships with other Futureverse ecosystem participants and beyond, as it believes an interoperable and open metaverse is the future of Web3 fashion.