Doodles 2, the much-anticipated successor to the popular Ethereum NFT collection, is moving towards a wider launch. The Genesis Box, a tokenized bundle of digital wearable items first auctioned in June 2022, has opened. It contains two pieces of digital apparel, a beta pass for the upcoming Doodles 2 platform, and customizable full-body avatars featuring the same kind of pastel, cartoonish pop as the original Doodles.

The project’s aim is to deliver a follow-up project with potentially millions of NFT avatars, tradeable digital clothes, and multi-chain use cases, unlike the original collection’s pre-defined Ethereum PFPs. The first step launched in January, enabling Doodles owners to create wearable items inspired by the traits of their existing PFP, using a Dooplicator NFT airdropped to holders.

A look at some Doodles 2 wearables in the Genesis Box. Image: Doodles

However, the Genesis Box is different and will broaden the Doodles IP’s look and feel. Doodles 2 is a cross-chain experience that bridges Ethereum NFTs like the Dooplicator and Genesis Box over to Flow, where the wearable NFTs are minted and traded. In an ambitious plan, Doodles is expanding its brand partnerships, events, and retail experiences. Social media content from animation studio Golden Wolf, which Doodles acquired earlier this year, and music drops in partnership with musician Pharrell Williams, Doodles’ Chief Brand Officer, are part of the plan. Despite accusations of insufficient communication and transparency regarding how they’re executing on their plans, Doodles’ goal is to expand the NFT-driven “collecting ecosystem” at the heart of Doodles into an entertainment property that can take many forms.

It’ll be a two-tiered model with Doodles 2 focusing on customization and user identity, enabling users to design their Doodles avatars and bring them across platforms and experiences. The ultimate goal is to reach a broad audience with potentially millions of avatars.