The official Donald Trump NFT collection has witnessed a resurgence in sales and popularity as the former president faces criminal charges, resulting in a significant increase in the floor price, which has risen by 24% as of April 2nd, reaching as high as 0.6 ETH ($1,023). The indictment has evidently renewed interest in the controversial NFTs.

Launched in December, the Trump NFTs initially faced skepticism from the cryptocurrency community. However, the project gained traction as it briefly topped sales charts, with many individuals purchasing the NFTs either out of admiration for Trump or in an ironic manner. Originally minted at $99 each, the collection comprised of 45,000 NFTs depicting Trump in various costumes, and included perks such as video chats with the former president.

Despite the initial hype, the Trump NFTs encountered criticism due to technical glitches and potential licensing infringements, leading to a decline in prices. A mocking mention on Saturday Night Live also contributed to waning interest in the collection. As 2022 came to a close, daily trading volume significantly decreased, with some holders selling off their included perks. However, the year 2023 has shown the NFTs to be as resilient as the persona they depict, with daily sales surging as traders seemingly speculate on Trump’s potential return to mainstream visibility. The recent indictment has further boosted the NFTs’ popularity, proving to be a valuable investment for some buyers.

The sales performance of Trump’s NFT collection has exhibited fluctuation since its launch. In December, it generated nearly $10 million in monthly sales, but this figure dropped to $2.6 million in January. In February, there was a slight uptick with $4 million in sales, but prior to the indictment, sales slowed to around $2 million in March.

However, recent data shows a downward trend in the sales performance of Trump NFTs, with a significant drop in trading volume to 9.64 ETH after a surge on April 2, marking a 41% reduction. Moreover, there has been a 40% decrease in sales volume within the last 24 hours, indicating that the demand for Trump NFTs may be cooling off.

With the charges against Trump expected to be announced in the coming days, it remains to be seen how the Trump NFTs market will continue to evolve. Whether purchased for their perceived value or as an ironic statement, the Trump NFTs have certainly made an impression on the world of digital collectibles. As the story unfolds, the NFT community will be closely monitoring the future trajectory of this intriguing collection. Overall, the Trump NFTs’ sales performance underscores the dynamic and evolving nature of the NFT market, with changing sentiments and external factors influencing the demand and value of digital assets. Whether the Trump NFTs will continue to thrive or face further challenges in the wake of the legal charges against the former president remains to be seen. As the situation unfolds, market participants will be watching with keen interest to gauge the trajectory of this unique and captivating NFT collection.  As with any investment, caution and due diligence are advised, and investors should carefully consider their own risk tolerance and investment goals before participating in the NFT market.