DJenerates Klub, an electronic music-focused NFT project, has announced an extraordinary DJ contest in partnership with Amnesia Ibiza, offering an unparalleled opportunity for emerging talent to perform live at the legendary venue. The event promises to be a memorable experience for the winner, fulfilling every DJ’s fantasy of playing for a captivated audience at a packed venue.

The “Global DJ Search” competition consists of three phases, culminating in a live performance at Amnesia Ibiza for the victorious contender. The first phase, currently underway, features a leaderboard system on the project’s Discord server. Participants can accumulate points by engaging in weekly challenges and sharing DJ sets. The top 24 contestants will advance to the second round.

In the second phase, the competition intensifies as the 24 semi-finalists showcase their skills at the DJenerates virtual club over two weekends, beginning September 1. Each DJ will perform a one-hour live set, with the top four advancing to the finals.

The third and final phase will take place at the Amnesia Ibiza virtual venue in Decentraland on September 16, where the four finalists will perform a two-hour set each to impress the judges. The event will be broadcast live on Clubbing TV. After the final round, the ultimate winner will be selected and flown to Ibiza to play a complete DJ set at the real-life venue.

This spectacular competition is organized in collaboration with DJenerates, DJ Mag, Amnesia Ibiza, Clubbing TV, and Klubcoin, with the goal of discovering the next superstar DJ to join the clubbing scene. Aspiring DJs are encouraged to prepare their turntables, crank up the volume, and start mixing.