Steve Aoki, a two-time Grammy-nominated DJ, is demonstrating his commitment to innovation through the release of his latest track ‘Wild’ via a temporary token-gated approach. The song will be available exclusively to A0K1VERSE NFT holders two days before its general release to the public.

A preview of the track is currently accessible on Audius, a decentralized music platform that offers complete autonomy to artists over their music and facilitates revenue generation through the $AUDIO token. The platform has a diverse global community of artists, developers, and music enthusiasts, boasting 7 million monthly users and ranking among the largest decentralized apps in the world.

Aoki’s decision to create a token-gated track demonstrates his appreciation for his loyal fans and incentivizes ownership of digital collectibles. By providing early access to his latest track to A0K1VERSE NFT holders, Aoki is generating a sense of exclusivity around the release, which further enhances the value of these digital collectibles.

In collaboration with Takis®, Aoki is amplifying the release of ‘Wild’ across various digital platforms, including online videos, audio spots, and more. This collaboration is intended to increase the release’s impact and expand its reach to a wider audience, with A0K1VERSE holders enjoying the additional benefit of early access.

Audius Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Forrest Browning states, “Aoki & team have always been on the bleeding edge of exciting new ways to engage their fans, and Audius is proud to power this NFT gated song! Using the Audius network, Aoki is able to reward his most loyal supporters with exclusive tracks that can’t be found anywhere else.”

The use of NFTs to unlock exclusive content is a growing trend in the music industry, and Aoki’s move to create a token-gated track demonstrates the potential of this technology to enhance the fan experience.

For enthusiasts of the fusion of music and blockchain, this latest development from Steve Aoki is particularly thrilling. This news is particularly exciting for Aoki’s devoted fan base, as they will have bragging rights by being among the first to hear the highly-anticipated Aoki track.