DeGods, a well-known NFT PFP project, has announced its plan to go cross-chain by bridging to Bitcoin, marking a significant milestone for the project. To make this possible, the project has partnered with the Ordinals project to bring some of its NFTs onto Bitcoin, the undisputed king of distributed ledgers.

DeGods aims to bridge a portion of its digital collectibles to Bitcoin, thereby introducing a unique minting experience for its fans on the oldest blockchain network in operation. Kevin Henrikson, CEO of Dust Labs, the platform behind DeGods, revealed that the project’s long-term vision is to be the leading NFT community on all chains, including Solana, Bitcoin, Polygon, and Ethereum.

As part of its latest crossover, DeGods has launched “DeGods on Bitcoin,” where it intends to burn 535 NFTs and mint them on Bitcoin. Out of the 535 NFTs, 500 digital avatars will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, while the remaining 35 items will be auctioned for $DUST, the community’s utility token, with all proceeds donated to the DustDAO.

By embracing the Bitcoin network, DeGods follows in the footsteps of other popular NFT collections that have taken the same route, such as CryptoPunks and OnChainMonkey. The project’s move to bridge to Bitcoin highlights its mission to expand its reach and extend its vision thoughtfully and purposefully on all chains.