Deepak Chopra, a well-known advocate for perfect health, has partnered with digital wellness expert Shira Lazar and other stakeholders to create awareness for mental health. Their initiative, named ‘The JOMO Effect,’ will feature an impressive selection of NFT artwork, with all proceeds from the primary sale being donated to five mental health charities.

Lazar’s digital wellness agency, ‘Peace Inside Live,’ will lead ‘The JOMO Effect’ campaign, which will feature a mental health NFT campaign with 40 top digital artists, including renowned names such as Brian Fanzo, Krista Awad, Allison Sayka, Sierra Nawabi, Ashira Art, and many others. To bring the project to life, Lazar collaborated with TimePieces, Unstoppable Domains, PolyDoge, Intentional, Adam Bomb Squad, House of Fist, and Chopra’s Seva.Love.

Each partner will promote the mint taking place on May 10th to their respective communities by offering additional utility. For instance, Sera.Love will provide holders with an exclusive online meditation session with Chopra. The NFTs will debut through a blind mint on May 10th via the Magic Eden marketplace and will cost in the region of 30 to 40 MATIC apiece, offering collectors a chance to earn additional rewards.

In a statement, Tiffany Huang, marketing lead at Magic Eden, expressed her excitement for partnering with some of the top companies and artists in support of mental health. She added that “it’s a topic that isn’t talked about often enough in Web3, but it’s really important.” She noted that Magic Eden’s role is to bring partners together to amplify their mission, and she is proud that they can help them shine.

Lazar’s ‘JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)’ concept aims to celebrate the process of a person doing exactly as they please and not worrying that something more interesting is happening elsewhere. As she notes, the idea is to continue this conversation outside of Mental Health Awareness Month in May.