Uniswap DAO has established a new committee, the Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee, to evaluate potential crypto bridge providers for future deployments of its decentralized exchange on blockchain networks. The committee is composed of six members, including Jazzy Bedi, co-founder of Zellic, Ben O’Neill, VP of Business Operations at Chaos Labs, and Ermyas Abebe and Peter Robinson, co-authors of the Crosschain Risk Framework. Sean Casey, CEO of Enzyme Finance protocol development at Avantgarde, and David Hyland-Wood, adjunct associate professor at the University of Queensland School of Engineering, also serve on the committee.

The Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee will evaluate eight bridge providers, including Axelar, Celer, deBridge, Hyperlane, LayerZero, Multichain, Router Protocol, and Wormhole. These bridge providers enable users to transfer crypto tokens across different networks. The committee will also assess three bridge-agnostic solutions as part of their evaluation process.

The committee aims to provide short-term recommendations to the DAO regarding crypto bridges. These recommendations will be used in future cross-chain deployments. The creation of this committee was prompted by intense debate during a recent governance process to deploy Uniswap v3 on the BNB Chain. Some community members expressed concern over the selection of only one bridge provider for the proposed deployment. Ultimately, the process resulted in the selection of Wormhole as the sole bridge solution.