Decentraland’s second installation of the Metaverse Fashion Week is scheduled to occur from March 28 to 31, building on the success of last year’s debut event. However, this year’s fashion week will be different as it focuses on the theme “Future Heritage.” The event will feature the opening of a new fashion plaza, which will spotlight emerging designers and encourage collaborations between established brands and these emerging talents.

Giovanna Casimiro, the Metaverse producer for Decentraland, who is in charge of the fashion week, states that this year’s event is aimed at bringing a more critical discussion on the future of fashion and connecting the dots between innovation, legacy, and tradition.

Moreover, interoperability will be a significant subject of exploration during the event. While the previous event did not showcase much collaboration between various Metaverses, this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week will demonstrate the potential of interoperability between open Metaverses, pushing the boundaries of what digital fashion can mean.

Casimiro emphasizes the importance of extending interoperability and collaborating with other universes and metaverses to create an agenda that is cross-platform. Decentraland has already collaborated with other Metaverses such as Spatial and Over, which specializes in AR technology, on a cross-platform wearable design competition.

In addition, the event will honor Vivienne Westwood, the punk queen of fashion, with a gaming experience that explores her life. Over 30 brands, including Coach, DressX, The Fabricant, DKNY, Perry Ellis, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Dundas, and Adidas, among others, have already signed up to participate in this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week.