Founder of ‘DAO Maker’ Christoph Zaknun has successfully built a fully functioning NFT-based game in just 30 days, proving his critics wrong and putting social media star Logan Paul to shame. The result, Degen Zoo, has taken all the core ideas from Paul’s abandoned ‘Crypto Zoo’ project and evolved them into a legitimate NFT gaming platform.

Initially, Logan Paul’s project raised over $3 million, promising investors the opportunity to hatch eggs into animals that could then be staked to earn passive income. However, the game never materialized, and the social media star earned an unfavorable reputation in the NFT space. Later, he claimed the project was unfeasible due to the extensive development time required.

The criticism of Logan Paul eventually led to a challenge from Christoph Zaknun, who stated that he could build the game in just 30 days. Despite Paul’s video response dismissing Zaknun’s claim, the founder of ‘DAO Maker’ built Degen Zoo, which quickly gained momentum in the NFT space and attracted a massive 250k Twitter following.

On day 30, Degen Zoo launched its IDO and registered 115,000 wallets, with a world record-setting pledge of over $700 million. Within days of release, the current testnet version of Degen Zoo saw over 30,000 transactions from more than 3000 individual players.

Degen Zoo is designed to critique the impact of human activities on the planet’s fauna by incentivizing gamers to sacrifice their animal NFTs in the name of capitalism. Players acquire eggs, hatch them into one of 120 different species of animal, and stake their NFTs to earn $DZOO tokens. These tokens can eventually be released by burning the NFT, which increases the rarity of all other instances of that species. Players also have the opportunity to consume other NFTs to make them stronger and increase the overall APR.

In the end, Christoph Zaknun’s stubborn-mindedness resulted in the successful creation of Degen Zoo, a fully functioning NFT game that will donate all its proceeds to charity, further emphasizing its noble intentions.