, a leading Web3 collecting and trading ecosystem, has launched a new NFT collection to support victims of the recent earthquakes in Turkey. The collection, titled “The Art of Giving II,” will be open-edition and available for purchase from February 21 to March 2, 2023, at 23:59 UTC. Each piece in the collection will be sold for $50, with all proceeds going to aid victims of the natural disasters.

To create the collection, partnered with 55 top Web3 artists, who each contributed various art pieces. These works will be sold on’s NFT marketplace, and supporters of the initiative can purchase them using a credit/debit card or crypto through Pay. All proceeds will be donated to Ahbap’s ERC20 wallet, an organization that supports humanitarian efforts in Turkey.

This is not the first time that has supported victims of the Turkey earthquakes. Recently, the platform donated ₺1 million through Ahbap’s ERC20 wallet in an event organized by Haluk Levent. The company’s CEO, Kris Marszalek, expressed his commitment to support the humanitarian efforts and highlighted that the suffering and devastation brought on by the earthquakes in Turkey are unimaginable.

Marszalek also noted that the company is thrilled to partner with more than 50 artists to raise funds through its platform and invites the community to join these efforts through the sale of the NFTs. The initiative is much-needed as over 47,000 people have lost their lives in the recent earthquakes that continue to devastate Turkey.

The first 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck on February 6 near the Turkish city of Antakya, effectively destroying the city and leaving it virtually uninhabitable. Since then, millions of people have fled the affected areas to safer locations. However, on February 20, two more tremors struck, creating widespread anxiety and panic for those who were already coming to terms with the devastation.’s efforts are much welcomed, as Turkey and Syria, the two nations affected by these quakes, can use all the help they can get. By purchasing a piece from “The Art of Giving II” collection, anyone can support this noble initiative and contribute to the humanitarian efforts.

In conclusion, has demonstrated its commitment to supporting global humanitarian efforts through the launch of its NFT collection. By partnering with top Web3 artists, the company has created a platform where anyone can support the victims of the Turkey earthquakes by purchasing a unique piece of art. The proceeds from each purchase will be donated to aid the victims of the natural disasters. The company’s efforts are commendable and demonstrate the power of Web3 to bring positive change to the world.

A full list of the participating artists can be found here