Blockchain infrastructure expert Crossmint has joined forces with artèQ and Tintinimaginatio, a newly established company dedicated to preserving and promoting the Tintin legacy, to launch a Tintin NFT collection. Named “The Blue Lotus,” this collection is based on the original artwork created by Hergé in 1936, which was auctioned for $2.8 million two years ago.

The collection comprises two distinct sets of NFTs. The first set consists of 777 limited-edition print works, while the second set offers 1,777 limited-edition digital-only artworks. Each NFT showcases unique characteristics that narrate the Tintin story, such as the various geographic locations visited by the character.

Purchasing these NFTs entitles holders to a range of exclusive benefits, including a special pass to the Hergé museum, early access to new editions of “The Blue Lotus” book before publication, and a digital brochure of Hergé’s work created by renowned Hergéologist, Philippe Goddin.

To acquire the Tintin NFTs, enthusiasts can visit the official Digital Tintin website. Crossmint’s proprietary technology enables buyers to make purchases using a credit card directly, without requiring cryptocurrencies. This approach aims to facilitate the entry of non-crypto natives into the Web3 ecosystem.

Rodri Fernandez Touza, co-founder of Crossmint, commented on the partnership and NFT launch, stating, “We are honored to be able to fuel such a celebrated and historic art series alongside Tintinimaginatio and arteQ, helping bridge the gap from the traditional art world into the Web3 era through an easy-to-use checkout solution.”

Farbond Sadeghian, CEO of artèQ, expressed equal enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting, “This partnership allows fans a unique opportunity to own a rare piece of Tintin history in the form of an NFT. Each NFT comes with its own utilities and is a truly one-of-a-kind collectible.”