Colecti, a next-generation Web3 platform, has secured €470k in equity investment from the Lisk network to create the first NFT marketplace on the Lisk blockchain. The company plans to use the funds to develop a user-friendly and efficient NFT marketplace with low transaction fees. To further support the development of the platform, Colecti has launched its token sale, with plans to distribute 100 million of its native $COL tokens at a price of 0.025 $LSK apiece, and allocate the funds to enhance its platform features and functionalities, as well as to bring in expertise to accelerate growth.

Colecti Aims to Build a User-Friendly Platform on Lisk Blockchain Lisk, launched in 2016, is a blockchain network that allows developers to build application-specific blockchains using JavaScript. With this SDK, Colecti aims to create a user-friendly platform that enables creators and collectors of all levels to access and interact with NFTs. Colecti also plans to involve its members in the decision-making process by implementing a DAO, which provides them with benefits such as sharing in the profits. The company’s CEO, Lukas Bronsvoort, is grateful for the investment from Lisk and aims to create a thriving NFT ecosystem on the Lisk blockchain, making NFTs accessible to everyone.

About Colecti

Colecti is a community-driven NFT marketplace based in the Netherlands. Its mission is to provide a platform that empowers creators and entrepreneurs to bring their NFT ideas to market and connect with other users who are eager to discover new and exciting products.