On Monday, CoinTelegraph, the world’s largest crypto media platform, announced its partnership with Phaver, a mobile Web3 social application. This collaboration aims to bring CoinTelegraph’s daily content to the platform’s over 140,000 monthly users.

Phaver operates on the Polygon blockchain and Web3 social protocol, Lens, which enables individuals to access on-chain social graphs, including Lens, without requiring a crypto wallet. Additionally, crypto natives have the ability to curate posts and establish their thought leadership by showcasing any NFTs present in their wallets.

For those unfamiliar with the Web3 social protocol, Lens empowers users to create permissionless noncustodial social media profiles, thereby owning their social graphs and content. Furthermore, the user-generated profiles can be utilized across various apps developed on Lens, differing from most traditional Web3 social platforms that respectively own any profile and content created on their platform.

Phaver’s CEO Joonatan Lintala stated in the announcement, “Cointelegraph articles have already been shared tens of thousands of times by our users on Phaver, so we are thrilled to have the content onboard through an official account that gives everyone easy access to following the main events in crypto and beyond.”

CoinTelegraph holds the distinction of being the first news platform to provide readers with the option to purchase published content as individual NFTs. This partnership between CoinTelegraph and Phaver presents an opportunity for users to access the latest news in crypto and beyond via a decentralized social media platform that emphasizes user ownership of content and profiles.