The efficacy of Web3 conferences was once uncontested; however, recent years have brought about changes that have left many attendees unsatisfied with high ticket prices, subpar installations, and unstimulating panels. In response to this, CoinDesk has taken the initiative to address the need for change and has curated Consensus, one of the most significant annual events in crypto and Web3, which is set to evolve significantly for its 2023 iteration.

CoinDesk has announced a series of partnerships geared toward creating a token-gated experience for the event centered on Microcosms, an NFT collection. The collection will grant holders three years of pro-pass access to Consensus and a multi-tiered rewards system that unfolds from 2023 to 2025. Each holder will receive a unique piece of generative art, created by Brooklyn-based artist Fahad Karim, that unfolds over a three-year arc to match the three-year access rewards that are companion airdrops.

Breakdown of Microcosms Holder Rewards and Benefits. Credit: Coindesk

The project was created in partnership with Art Blocks Engine, TokenProof, and Passage Protocol. By bringing real value to those invested in the future of the blockchain and Web3, the team aims to tap into the underutilized potential of NFT ticketing for Web3-centric events. The Microcosms collection features 1000 pieces, which will cost 1.5E each. Interested parties can collect a Microcosms NFT to receive a Pro Pass for Consensus 2023, 2024, and 2025, as well as access to various incentives that correspond to different levels of rarity.

Microcosms is a testament to CoinDesk’s larger commitment to Web3, which is aimed at increasing utility and value and deepening its relationship with its community. The company’s foray into Web3-based technologies for Consensus is a departure from traditional event ticketing and is a step towards enhancing engagement and value for its attendees. With the release of the $DESK social token in 2021, CoinDesk has demonstrated a keen interest in exploring new and innovative ways to engage its readers and stakeholders.

To learn more about CoinDesk’s vision for its blockchain-powered conference and to mint an NFT from the Microcosms collection, please visit the official mint site.