Cardano users will soon have the ability to access Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) contracts using any Cardano (ADA) wallet, significantly expanding the network’s functionality for developers and users. This will be enabled by a new feature on Milkomeda, a network that connects blockchains such as Cardano and Algorand to EVM contracts. Sebastien Guillemot, CEO of Milkomeda, announced that Milkomeda (Cardano’s EVM layer) will be launching a feature that will enable every Cardano user to use EVM contracts directly from any Cardano wallet. This feature will also soon allow staking rewards for all EVM users, including smart contract developers. Staking rewards from Cardano products built on Milkomeda will be paid automatically every 5 days.

EVMs refer to the environment in which all Ethereum accounts and smart contracts exist, serving as a virtual computer that developers utilize for creating decentralized applications (dApps). When deployed on other blockchains, EVMs allow developers to build dApps and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications similar to the way they would on Ethereum. The feature will allow Ethereum application developers to build on Cardano’s network using Solidity, the computer language used to code Ethereum, without the need for installing new toolkits or learning a new language. These applications can then be used solely with Cardano tokens instead of Ether, which increases the utility for holders.