Feature.io, an entertainment studio based in Los Angeles, has announced the development of Lollipop, a new interactive car racing experience, in collaboration with writer and executive producer David Ayer, co-writer of “The Fast and Furious” and writer/director of “Suicide Squad”. The project will be built on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon, and will leverage Polygon-based NFTs, or “digital collectibles” as Steven Ilous, founder and CEO of Feature.io, prefers to call them, due to the negative connotations associated with the acronym.

According to Ilous, Lollipop will not simply be a video game, but rather an “interactive media experience” that will “combine elements of episodic streaming, gaming, and professional sports”. He has described the project as next-generation content built for contemporary audience consumption habits. Ayer is excited about the possibilities presented by the technology, which he sees as the future of storytelling.

Polygon Labs President Ryan Wyatt is equally optimistic about the project, calling it “truly pioneering”. Lollipop represents a “completely new type of media” that makes use of Polygon blockchain technology.

Chris Long, producer of the Ayer-directed film “The Tax Collector” and the “Mr. Mercedes” television series, is also involved in the project. Ayer and Long are both executives under Ayer’s production shingle, Cedar Park Studios.

While many details of the project remain confidential, Lollipop is expected to involve a combination of Polygon-based NFTs, streaming narrative components, and gamification. The project is currently under development, and is expected to be a significant addition to the growing Web3 ecosystem.