Bloxmith, a player-centric Web3 gaming studio, has launched the beta version of Raiders Rumble, a squad-based strategy game for mobile devices that combines the best of traditional and blockchain gaming. The game allows both Web2 and Web3 players to participate in PvP tournaments and win amazing prizes without requiring a crypto wallet or NFT ownership. Raiders Rumble is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, and players can download it to start participating in various battles.

Raiders Rumble is a skill-based, fast-paced game that is playable in short sessions. Players collect time-displaced fighters/raiders to participate in battles, which require a strategic and tactical approach to build the optimal roster of raiders. Players can enhance their fighters using weapons and armor, increasing the number of combinations they can engage in. While NFTs are not necessary to unlock in-game functionalities, collectors will find them valuable depending on their rarity and uniqueness.

Bloxmith aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 games with Raiders Rumble. Wayne Lee, co-founder, and CEO of Bloxmith noted that they wanted to pioneer a new type of competitive mobile strategy game that would help bridge the gap between traditional and Web3 gamers. Raiders Rumble is designed to appeal to the masses, and as such, has partnered with the Flow Blockchain to incentivize players by hosting a series of tournaments where gamers will battle it out for the title of top strategist.

The game runs on the Flow blockchain, a high-performance EVM compatible blockchain. Chirag Narang, the head of product at Flow, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Bloxmith, noting that Raiders Rumble is a compelling example of a mobile game that can simultaneously appeal to a mainstream audience while introducing them to the power of Web3 gaming powered by Flow. Top performers in the tournaments, which will take place between March 23 and March 31, will receive a share of a massive prize pool of 120,000 $FLOW tokens.