BLOND:ISH, a pioneer in Web3 music, has partnered with Evolution Music and Deep Grooves to create the world’s first biodegradable vinyl accompanied by an indestructible NFT. This project is a powerful statement about sustainability in the music industry.

The opening track of BLOND:ISH’s #PlasticFreeParty compilation, ‘Life is…,’ will be released as an eco-friendly record paired with an NFT. The collection will launch on April 11th as an open edition, available for minting at a flat price of 0.04 ETH for 72 hours. Additionally, the first 69 NFTs of the upcoming Web69 collection will come with a hand-signed record from the artist.

This ecological NFT trend is poised to revolutionize the music industry by offering a sustainable alternative to traditional vinyl made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is harmful to the environment. BLOND:ISH’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the release of this album, which aims to support her foundation ByeByePlastic, dedicated to eliminating single-use plastics from the music industry.

What sets this project apart is that Evolution Music utilized existing pressing machinery to produce the plastic-free vinyl, enabling a smooth transition for manufacturers to adopt eco-friendly methods and replace environmentally damaging PVC vinyl.

BLOND:ISH’s Biovinyl NFT collection also includes an Easter Egg package that contains 500 $ISH and 500 $BYEBYE tokens, a free pass to mint her next NFT, and a hand-signed version of the record. This unique opportunity allows fans to participate in and support BLOND:ISH’s journey toward a more sustainable music industry.

This NFT project aligns with the music industry’s growing interest in eco-friendly alternatives. BLOND:ISH’s vinyl drop serves as an example of the potential for NFTs to address ecological concerns.