Blockchain gaming leaders Immutable and Polygon have announced a collaboration to enhance the development and adoption of Web3 gaming. The two entities aim to provide a faster, easier, and less risky game development process for studios and developers that support true asset ownership. Game developers can now leverage Immutable zkEVM, a new Ethereum Virtual Machine that is compatible with Polygon’s zero-knowledge rollup technology, to develop Web3 games.

Immutable and Polygon seek to create an Ethereum-centric gaming ecosystem that will take Web3 mainstream and bring digital ownership to millions of players worldwide. The partnership will also empower players to own and control their in-game assets, changing the current narrative that billions of dollars’ worth of skins are sold each year without giving players any ownership rights. The collaboration aims to grow the Web3 gaming space, with Immutable having launched a $500 million venture fund for Web3 game development and Polygon launching a business unit focused on advancing Web3 gaming earlier this year.