The esteemed Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has reached a remarkable milestone, as the Ethereum-based NFT collection surpasses 1 million ETH in trading volume. This outstanding accomplishment comes precisely two years after its inception by Yuga Labs, a pioneer in the burgeoning Web3 domain.

BAYC hit the 1 million ETH milestone on April 15, and has since added another 11,131 ETH to the tally. CryptoSlam data reveals that the collection has amassed over $2.7 billion in total sales to date, making it second only to Axie Infinity, which claims over $4.2 billion in sales. Consequently, this new benchmark reaffirms BAYC’s standing within the NFT realm, particularly given its younger age compared to Axie.

Sustained NFT Interest Evident in BAYC Milestone

The milestone achieved by BAYC underscores the persistent enthusiasm for NFTs. Despite the crypto-winter dominating much of the previous year, collectors maintain a robust appetite for various NFT brands, with top-tier collections like BAYC retaining their high regard.

BoredOHms, a BAYC member and founder of Sewer Apes, was among the first to publicize the collection’s feat. To honor this significant milestone, BoredOHms also crafted a special “ONE MILLION ETH” Jimmyfied edit exclusively for BAYC members. This act not only showcases the BAYC community’s solidarity but also emphasizes the creative liberty afforded by these NFTs, enabling individuals to express themselves and forge connections with others unreservedly.