High-end consumer electronics manufacturer, Bang & Olufsen, has collaborated with NFT marketplace, SuperRare, to launch a Web3 gallery in Soho. The event, which runs from April 11 to April 15, will transform the company’s flagship store into an art gallery, showcasing Bang & Olufsen’s DNA Collection of digital artwork and works from select RarePass artists.

The move comes after Bang & Olufsen’s launch of its digital collectibles, the DNA Collection, last November. The collection features 1925 non-fungible tokens, a tribute to the year the company was founded, which Bang & Olufsen said will pave the way for its entry into the Metaverse and provide token-gated access to future exclusive company products and experiences.

Visitors to the Web3 gallery will be treated to an immersive audio experience curated by Grammy-winning recording artist RAC, electronic music producers, and composers Gramatik and Luxas. Attendees will also see works from renowned artists like Hackatao, Thomas Lin Pedersen, Shavonne Wong, and Richard Nadler.

On April 12, Bang & Olufsen will host an exclusive event for holders of its NFTs, with food, drinks, talks, and a live performance from Luxas. The artist specializes in blending music and visual art together to create modular impressions that are performed and recorded live. Dedicated Web3 staff will also be on hand to assist visitors who are new to the blockchain technology.

The Web3 gallery is a bold step towards the intersection of art, sound, and technology, showcasing how traditional industries can embrace the opportunities presented by blockchain and NFTs. It is also an opportunity for Bang & Olufsen to introduce its DNA Collection and provide a unique and immersive experience to art and sound enthusiasts.