Flybondi, a low-cost airline in Argentina, has partnered with NFT ticketing company TravelX to issue all tickets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Algorand blockchain. The Ticket 3.0 integration is an expansion of the existing relationship between Flybondi and TravelX, which launched in September 2022. The NFT ticketing technology enables passengers to change their name, transfer, or sell their “NFTickets” independently. Flybondi claims that the NFT ticket allows for a more flexible travel experience, allowing passengers to purchase in advance without having to define their travel plans or who the travelers will be. Travelers can purchase travel tickets on the Flybondi website using fiat currency and create a Ticket 3.0 account to manage and store their NFTs through Flybondi. Ticket-related rules and conditions are integrated into the NFT’s smart contract by the airline. Mauricio Sana, CEO of Flybondi, said in a press release that the company aims to “generate a positive impact in the aviation industry through innovation and an application of blockchain technology.”