According to an exclusive report from The Big Whale, Amazon is planning to launch its own NFT platform on April 24th, with 15 collections initially available to users and more to be added later. The purpose of this initiative is to provide users with a platform to trade in-game NFTs to further popularize Web3 gaming, and with Amazon’s massive customer base, this move could potentially bring NFTs into the mainstream. While details about Amazon’s NFT efforts are still limited, this marketplace could potentially pose a serious challenge to other dominant forces in the space.

Over the past year, Amazon has demonstrated great interest in NFTs and Web3 technology. In December 2022, its streaming service, Amazon Prime, launched “NFTMe,” a show featuring various artists, collectors, and industry professionals within the NFT space. The show has hosted over 50 guests, including influential figures like Refik Anadol, Queen Diambi of Congo, Cheryl Douglas, Susaye Greene, and Peter Rafelson. Moreover, the company’s CEO, Andy Jassy, has expressed a positive outlook towards NFTs, stating that he believes that crypto will become bigger over time and that it is possible for Amazon to integrate crypto payments in the future. In fact, Amazon has already started hiring Web3 talent for its cloud services, indicating a strong interest in the potential of this technology.