The AlUla Skies Festival has made its way to Decentraland, offering visitors a breathtaking aerial view of Hegra and the Tomb of Lihyan Son of Kuza. This immersive experience, in partnership with Metakey and organized by CryptoAngel, allows participants to explore the desert terrain, search for hot air balloon parts, and assemble their own flying machine. The festival, which runs from May 8-18, also offers wearable rewards for completing the hot air balloon tour.

The AlUla Skies Festival aims to set a new benchmark for immersive entertainment in the Metaverse and bring a whole new perspective to the world of Decentraland. By providing a unique aerial view, visitors can enjoy the incredible landscape and set the scene for a vibrant new look at the Metaverse.

This innovative event marks a new chapter in Decentraland’s history and offers a glimpse into the endless possibilities that the Metaverse has to offer. So, strap yourselves in and take to the air for a virtual adventure at the AlUla Skies Festival in Decentraland!