Alpha Centauri Kid (ACK), known in the Web3 world as Jason Day, proudly announces the launch of his much-anticipated collection, ‘The Broken Keys.’ This series of exceptional art represents a culmination of the artist’s meticulous work since 2021, resulting in 48 one-of-one scenes carefully selected from hundreds of original creations. These masterpieces will be simultaneously auctioned on the Manifold platform, making the collection widely accessible.

ACK has gained significant acclaim as a trailblazing crypto-native artist, with his physical artworks being auctioned at renowned auction houses such as Christie’s. The artist’s growing popularity stems from the unique, performative nature of his creations and their monetary appreciation. ‘The Broken Keys’ showcases 48 handpicked pieces, each an individual auction with no reserve, reflecting the essence and spirit of the entire collection.

Throughout the curation process, ACK sought to preserve the rich history of the piano as an instrument, capturing its legacy through the narratives and stories embedded within the artwork. In an interview with Hypemoon, ACK revealed that the journey to select the final 48 pieces was both challenging and rewarding, as it allowed him to learn more about himself and the instrument he reveres.

The chosen artworks encompass a diverse range of scenes and landscapes, from outer space to forested hills, some featuring floral elements that have been intertwined with the performative arts for centuries. Others draw inspiration from the memetic nature of the crypto art world, with one piece, “god of light,” incorporating laser eyes. The collection also spans various media and styles, including mp4s, gifs, JPEG stills, and intricate 3D renders.

When asked about his inspiration, ACK shared that pianos serve as his personal gateway to the Muse, unlocking his mind to visually explore unique ideas. In collaboration with OnCyber, ACK has created an immersive space called Proxima Centauri B, the artist’s “home planet,” to display the entire collection in a circular layout. This digital exhibition allows visitors to delve deeper into the connection between music, emotions, and the human experience.

ACK’s decision to release ‘The Broken Keys’ independently through Manifold reflects his appreciation for the freedom and support the platform provides. He fondly recalls late-night discussions with Richerd, yungwknd, and the Manifold team, reminiscing about the good memories created while working on the auction site. As an added twist, ACK reveals that there is a hidden auction within the site, accessible only to those who can decipher the concealed key(s).

Starting Tuesday, May 9 at 1:00 pm EST, art enthusiasts can participate in the auction, representing the largest simultaneous one-of-one offering by ACK to date. When asked about market conditions and the timing of the release, the artist shared his belief that waiting for the perfect moment could be endless. Instead, he emphasizes the need to let the art live on, stating, “When the Muse says we are done, we are done.”