Alchemy, a blockchain software development company, has launched a new decentralized app (DApp) tool that claims to create a fully functional DApp from scratch within four minutes. The tool, called Create Web3 Dapp (CW3D), is Alchemy’s first open-source offering that allows developers to prototype their projects using pre-built templates and adding custom components off-the-shelf across EVM chains, including but not limited to Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

According to Elan Halpern, Alchemy’s Product Manager, the “four minutes” required to create a DApp using CW3D depends on several factors. However, the tool comes pre-equipped with the essential tools needed to create a DApp, including core packages and libraries that are required. In a recent interview with Decrypt, Halpern emphasized the importance of building a product that end-users are excited about, which in turn requires developers to be enthusiastic about building it.

Alchemy, which was launched in 2017, acquired the Ethereum coding platform Chainshot in August 2022 and raised $250 million USD in Series C funding in October 2021. In November, the company launched Spearmint, an NFT allowlist platform for Ethereum Layer-2 (L2) projects. The company’s recent acquisition of Chainshot and launch of Spearmint have been seen as steps towards creating a more comprehensive blockchain development ecosystem.

In a recent tweet describing CW3D, it was highlighted that the tool starts with an NFT Explorer that allows users to search for NFTs owned by any wallet address, display all NFTs for a given collection, and connect their wallet directly. Alchemy has also expressed its desire for the community to contribute to the tool by building their own templates, components, and features. This would require involving other ecosystems and developer advocates.

Alchemy is currently attending ETHDenver 2023, a blockchain hackathon that runs from February 24 to March 5. The company’s participation in the event indicates its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the blockchain development community. With the launch of CW3D, Alchemy has added another tool to its arsenal to further its mission of democratizing access to blockchain technology.