Gadget-Bot co-founders Peggy Chung and Robert Simons, with a wealth of experience from working on AAA games such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends, as well as blockbuster films like Jurassic World and Ender’s Game, have announced their latest project, Kaidro. The Kaidro universe, a science fiction creation that has been in development for over a decade, will come to life as a Web3 game and animated TV series.

Kaidro is set in a post-apocalyptic world where factions of mech-wielding warriors face off against powerful magic users. The PC role-playing game (RPG) will be hosted on the Ethereum scaling network, Immutable, and is scheduled to launch later this year. The game will feature player-versus-player (PVP), player-versus-environment (PVE), and broader questing mechanics, with matches consisting of three teams of three players each. The teams must accomplish various objectives on maps while fending off enemy teams.

In a recent interview with Decrypt, Chung and Simons discussed the game and their decision to utilize non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the project. The duo has a strong online presence, with more than 1.3 million followers across three TikTok channels, and they view Web3 as a natural progression for their extensive community. They have previously used Kickstarter to fund the development of Kaidro, raising thousands of dollars to release a series of physical graphic novels based on the original Webtoons comics. The comics have received more than 1.6 million views and a 9.6-star rating.

The co-founders see NFTs as a means to give their growing fanbase ownership of the Kaidro world and allow them to be a part of it. Chung elaborated on Gadget-Bot’s strategy for the Kaidro game, stating that they do not want to be limited in how they can expand the world. The interactive world will grow beyond the main character Ava from the comic series, and an animated series, created in collaboration with Tim Hedrick (Avatar: The Last Airbender), is also in development.

The Kaidro game, initially launching on PC and later transitioning to mobile platforms, will feature NFTs that grant players access to playable characters from specific clans. Players may control a mech, a spirit guardian, or a pilot, and each NFT will present unique storylines and unlockable items for that character. Kaidro will also introduce an innovative feature to the Web3 environment: cloning.

A sneak peek of the Kaidro game. Image: Gadget-Bot Productions.

Simons explained that they wanted to give the marketplace to the NFT holders, allowing them to clone their NFTs up to a certain limit and sell those to players who may not be immediately interested in NFTs but might appreciate the in-game skins. This system will enable players to purchase skins and help rank up points for the NFT holders.

Kaidro will offer a free-to-play experience for those interested in trying the game before purchasing an NFT. Additionally, Kaidro will have content “seasons,” during which one faction will emerge victorious, influencing the narrative of the following season. The game will also provide seasonal, soulbound (non-transferable) battle passes as NFTs for players seeking extra loot and rewards.