The founder of popular apparel brand 9dcc is demonstrating a daring approach to Twitter’s revamped verification system. Unconcerned about potential repercussions from Twitter, gmoney, the pseudonymous NFT collector and visionary behind 9dcc, is incentivizing his brand’s Twitter engagement by offering its most active followers free affiliate check marks and avatar badges.

This week, gmoney announced that he would provide the top 25 individuals on 9dcc’s Network Points leaderboard with a blue check mark and 9dcc logo badge alongside their Twitter usernames. This service currently costs $50 per affiliate user per month.

The proposition holds significant appeal for gmoney’s followers and collectors. With his follower count exceeding 301,000, the public affiliation with gmoney’s burgeoning Web3 brand is a compelling offer. Moreover, since Twitter’s basic verification now incurs a monthly fee, this initiative can lead to substantial savings for the community.

According to gmoney, the check mark is perceived as a status symbol, hence the rationale behind this unique social media campaign. Furthermore, he expressed a penchant for testing the boundaries of various platforms.

Holders of 9dcc Ethereum NFTs and gmoney’s Admit One NFTs can accrue points by partaking in select virtual and live events, such as the Internet Game. However, 9dcc deliberately keeps participants guessing about which events will grant points, adding an element of surprise to the experience.

This initiative is not without significant costs: gmoney will personally cover the expenses, leading to an additional $15,000 per annum for the affiliate checks, on top of the $12,000 per year he already pays for 9dcc’s gold check mark through Twitter Verified for Organizations.

The term “affiliates,” chosen by Twitter to describe verified accounts, is seen by gmoney as an intentional move to lend credibility to others without labeling them as employees. He believes that affiliate status should be granted to those who are trusted within the community and have earned their place.

Despite the costs, gmoney remains uncertain if this $27,000-a-year Twitter check mark plan will yield a worthwhile return. Yet, his track record of investing in innovative tech endeavors, including purchasing a CryptoPunks NFT for a record price in January 2021 and partnering with Adidas for their foray into the NFT world, speaks to his adventurous business approach.

Regarding potential backlash from Twitter, gmoney remains untroubled. He believes that Twitter might even welcome such initiatives, considering their significant profit margins from such a straightforward yet expensive service.

Concerning Bluesky, the upcoming Twitter competitor backed by Jack Dorsey, gmoney expressed skepticism, indicating a preference to bet on someone who revolutionized the electric vehicle and rocket industry rather than someone who presided over Twitter’s decline in the past decade.